2020 British Kart Champions

About The Race Team

Klaassen Motorsport is a down-to-earth race team who are willing to go the extra mile for your kart racing needs. Check out drivers and team members!

ARC Karts

The ARC Shadow was relaunched back in 2018. The chassis was used by the team and the majority of the drivers in the team, instant success was discovered, after winning the O Plate along with multiple club events throughout the year. In 2020 the ARC chassis continued its success with Louis Harvey at the wheel taking the British Kart Championship in Junior TKM.

Klaassen Motorsport Engines

All the TKM engines are rebuilt inhouse and have proved not to be race-winning, but championship winning in 2020. David Klaassen started building engines for the team back in 2000, and the success over the years speaks for itself.

Provided Services

Kart Hire

Come and test the ARC Kart for a weekend, and feel the performance for yourself.

Engine Hire

Need an first-class engine for a race event? Speak to Dave about one of his motors.

Arrive & Drive

New to karting or just want to have some fun? We supply the kart and mechanic, to allow you to enjoy the day, and focus on the racing.

Awning Space

Does the weather look wet and cold, or do you need some help with setting up a kart? Join us for a weekend.

Dyno Runs

We can conduct a dyno-run on your motor to ensure everything is how it should be, and identify any potential issues.

Carb Cleaning & Rebuilding

Is your carb causing your grief? This is not uncommon, come and speak to Dave and have no worries.

Kart Preparation

Are you finding you cannot quite get within that leading pack? The Klaassen Team has experience to suit all drivers and styles, to help gain those all-important tenths.

Kart Prep

We know time is a luxury in the world today, and we can help you with this, by prepping the kart ready for your next race weekend, rather than spending your weekend cramming everything in.

Race Calendar

Which events are we attending and when?

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